Before the beginning

Lilith falls from grace and awakens
Adam and Eve bear Caine and Abel
Caine is cast out of Nod
Caine finds Lilith, who awakens him
Caine is cursed by the angels and becomes the first vampire

13000 - The First City is built.

Enoch the Wise is embraced by Caine

12937 - Zillah the Beautiful is embraced by Caine

12921 - Veddartha is embraced by Enoch

12902 - Irad the Strong is embraced by Caine

1284 -

11500 - Saulot the Illuminated One is embraced by Caine

A creature named Shaitan is embraced by an unknown sire 10000 – The First City falls.

10000 – The Great Flood.

8300 – The Second City is built.

6000 – The Second City falls.

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